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Sarah DiRoma

  • taboobs_sm.jpg
    TABOOBS by Sarah DiRoma | May 14, 2010 They say laughter is the best therapy, and we wanted to perk things up by exploring the breast with a more lighthearted approach. We know that one size does not fit all in the bosom world, but there is no denying how the breast has influenced our world throughout time and how our world has influenced the breast. All body parts considered, it is safe to say that breasts measure up as two of the most arousing features in the anatomical structure and have long served as a source of preoccupation, exploitation, intrigue, and sensuality. Whether they are round and peppy, high or low, engorged or deflated, breasts have a way of attracting attention and causing a stir. Let’s face it, we live in a breast-obsessed society, to the point where surgical enhancements and the Wonderbra are commonplace in our beauty vernacular. Read More...


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