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  • Nail-polish-trends-to-master_360_427005_1_14087074_100.jpg
    Nail polish trends to master
    by timetospa | April 23, 2013
    Professional nail polish colors have become a staple accessory for most fashionistas. If you're ready to embrace the fresh colors of the warmer seasons, you're not alone.
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  • Pamper-mom-this-Mothers-Day_360_426710_1_14087043_100.jpg
    Pamper mom this Mother's Day
    by timetospa | April 23, 2013
    Mother's Day will be here before you know it. If you've been fretting over what to get the woman who you literally owe your life to, you're in luck.
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  • Fake-your-way-to-a-thinner-face_360_426231_1_14087001_100.jpg
    Fake your way to a thinner face
    by timetospa | April 22, 2013
    It's unfortunate but true that when most people gain weight, it shows on their face. Not only does this mean you might look a little fuller in photos, it could also make you feel more self-conscious.
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  • See-you-later-stretch-marks_360_424159_1_14086862_100.jpg
    See you later stretch marks
    by timetospa | April 17, 2013
    Stretch marks are in no way, shape or form a girl's best friend. In fact, these patches of pulled skin are typically the farthest thing from a friend.
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  • Aromatherapy-Could-it-be-for-you_360_423826_1_14086845_100.jpg
    Aromatherapy: Could it be for you?
    by timetospa | April 17, 2013
    Not only can candles and essential oils help set the mood - whether it is romantic or relaxing - they are also able to promote a healthy lifestyle in some instances.
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  • Easy-ways-to-brighten-your-smile_360_423794_1_14086837_100.jpg
    Easy ways to brighten your smile
    by timetospa | April 17, 2013
    If you went through years of awkwardness wearing braces as a teen and now are dealing with another issue - yellowing teeth - there are ways to curb the issue without spending an arm and a leg.
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  • How-healthy-are-you-really_360_422937_1_14086751_100.jpg
    How healthy are you really?
    by timetospa | April 16, 2013
    Most women might assume that as long as they exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet, they're likely to live healthy well into old age. However, certain issues can be so subtle that it's hard to notice the problem until it's too late.
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