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  • Tips-for-clean-cut-hands-and-nails_16000592_800561508_0_0_7035373_100.jpg
    Tips for clean-cut hands and nails
    by timetospa | July 26, 2011
    If you're a hands-on type of girl who loves participating in enterprises that might ravage your manicure, you know it only takes a minute for your perfectly-groomed digits to degenerate into a mess of hangnails and chipped paint.
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  • Four-foods-with-anti-aging-properties_16000592_800561503_0_0_7523_100.jpg
    Four foods with anti-aging properties
    by timetospa | July 26, 2011
    If you're like most women, you likely long to have healthy, vibrant skin that doesn't reveal your age. So why not embrace foods that help you look and feel younger, in addition to using essential skin care beauty products?
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  • Get-your-behind-in-beach-shape-this-summer_16000592_800561497_0_0_7035366_100.jpg
    Get your behind in beach shape this summer
    by timetospa | July 26, 2011
    For most women, summer is the time to put a little extra care into maintaining a beach bod. If you need some extra help getting your bottom into bikini shape, try this exercise to look sleek and toned while you work on your summer tan:
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  • A-delicious-smoothie-can-up-your-levels-of-antioxidants-_16000592_800560731_0_0_7051234_100.jpg
    An edible anti-aging skincare treatment
    by timetospa | July 26, 2011
    Anti-aging skin creams can give you radiant skin, but a snack rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients can further improve your complexion by helping to eliminate free radicals that could damage your skin cells.
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  • Soothe-beach-worn-feet-with-Elemis-and-Bliss-products_16000592_800560571_0_0_7020166_100.jpg
    Soothe beach-worn feet with Elemis and Bliss products
    by timetospa | July 26, 2011
    If you're a regular beach babe, you know that lots of fun in the sun and sand can quickly lead to cracked, achy feet. If this scenario sounds familiar, you may want to keep your soles in shape this summer by pampering them with Elemis and Bliss products.
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