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  • Trends-to-buy-into-this-season_360_439835_1_14088072_100.jpg
    Trends to buy into this season
    by timetospa | May 15, 2013
    Trends certainly come and go - think harem pants, trucker hats and cheap bedazzling - making it hard for ladies to decipher which ones to give into and which to avoid like the plague.
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  • Great-Gatsby-trends-to-try_360_439349_1_14088035_100.jpg
    'Great Gatsby' trends to try
    by timetospa | May 14, 2013
    The roaring 1920's are made to look exciting and spirited thanks to the book The Great Gatsby. With the recent film adaptation release of the classic novel, having fun with the fashion, beauty products and hairstyles donned during this era has become all the rage.
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  • Road-trips-could-improve-relationships_360_438646_1_14087995_100.jpg
    Road trips could improve relationships
    by timetospa | May 13, 2013
    No relationship is perfect all the time and working at keeping the love alive can sometimes seem like more trouble than it's worth. However, if you and your guy have been going strong for awhile, but have suddenly hit a rough patch, taking a road trip together could be just what the doctor ordered.
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  • Cook-your-way-to-a-thinner-you_360_438297_1_14087966_100.jpg
    Cook your way to a thinner you
    by timetospa | May 13, 2013
    Losing weight may come easy for some, but keeping it off is an entirely different beast. If you've been working hard to continue to look fab even after your days of dieting are over, consuming certain foods might help you achieve your goal while enjoying tasty food.
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  • Tops-ways-to-tighten-your-tush_360_435943_1_14087770_100.jpg
    Tops ways to tighten your tush
    by timetospa | May 8, 2013
    Though abs and tight arms are a must, a toned tush is also a major desire of most women. We might have Pippa Middleton to thank for the behind craze after her toned bottom nearly stole the spotlight from sister Kate's royal wedding two years ago.
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  • Makeup-tips-that-take-years-off-your-face_360_435201_1_14087709_100.jpg
    Makeup tips that take years off your face
    by timetospa | May 7, 2013
    Looking younger later in life has become a goal for most women, not only to stand tall and proud next to their guy who seems to have gotten better looking over the years, but also to prove to the other ladies in the room that they've certainly still got it.
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  • Get-the-abs-of-your-dreams-without-crunches_360_435158_1_14087708_100.jpg
    Get the abs of your dreams without crunches
    by timetospa | May 7, 2013
    If lying on the floor doing crunches brings you way back to your awkward middle school days, then you probably don't enjoy doing them on the regular. If you're looking for ways to get fab abs without doing the bicycle or other funky bunch crunches, today is your lucky day.
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  • Ways-to-look-better-at-any-age_360_434341_1_14087641_100.jpg
    Ways to look better at any age
    by timetospa | May 6, 2013
    Hitting the gym and eating right are great ways to boost how good you look and feel. However, it's just as important to try and maintain the health of your complexion, as eye wrinkles and sagging skin are sure to make you seem older, despite your fit bod.
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