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  • Holiday08_Gratitude_Sm.jpg
    by Dawn Reiss | November 19, 2008
    For those of you who have decided that you don’t want to be a victim, it does come with a price. It’s called gratitude. Yes. As uncool as it is, you are going to have to count your blessings, one by one. You are going to have to see everything as a gift. Read More...
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  • KCBeauty_NewAge.jpg
    by Wendy Doscher-Smith | September 21, 2008
    There are so many different varieties of cancer, that to give it just one name is almost a misnomer. And clearly, some cancers are faster growing than others. However, the term really refers to cell abnormality.
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  • Fall08_Meditate_Sm.jpg
    Detoxify Your Mind
    by timetospa | October 8, 2007
    <p><strong>How much influence does your mind have over your health?</strong> Can thoughts be toxic and cause unnecessary stress on your physical body? Does it matter what you think and do you have control over the thoughts that pop into that relatively small space between your ears? Can you create your reality? These are questions that sages through the centuries along with scientists, neurologists, psychologists and mystics of today continually ask. Their collective answer is YES.</p>
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  • Fall08_Meditate_Sm.jpg
    Detoxify Your Body
    by timetospa | October 8, 2007
    <p>As a society, advertisers have brain-washed us to believe that doing five minutes a day with a machine, or by popping a pill, we can burn fat and get the stomach we’ve only dreamed of. The reality is that muscle burns sugar. Our bodies try to convert fat – via the liver – into sugar and provide glucose to the muscles to facilitate movement.</p> <p>You may ask, “What does this mean for the normal person?” It means that you can do 1000 sit-ups a day and lose weight off your face. Have you ever wondered why the last place you lose weight is the first place you put it on? Put some myths to bed and allow me to highlight how combining exercise, nutrition and most importantly DETOX, you can get the results you deserve.<br /> </p>
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  • Fall08_Meditate_Sm.jpg
    Detoxify Your Relationships
    by timetospa | October 8, 2007
    <p>Is your relationship making you sick, literally? From Britney Spears’ hit “Toxic” to Pink’s lyrics “You make me sick,” songs about unhealthy relationships have been topping the pop charts for decades. Now the topic seems to be popping up on medical charts too. There is much evidence to suggest that the repressed anger, hate, and grief stemming from bad relationships are the root emotional causes leading to the suppression of the immune system and even the development of cancer.</p>
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  • herbs1.jpg
    Five Most Wanted Herbs
    by timetospa | July 2, 2007
    For the five most unwanted healthcare concerns in the USA today. Having treated so many timetospa clients from Steiner spas, Stephanie Kimber, LAc has identified the following health complaints as being the most pervasive in the USA.
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  • acuhand.jpg
    For the times they are a-changin’
    by timetospa | December 7, 2006
    Here’s a question for you. Could the world get any more unsettled than it is now? News of natural and man-made destruction travels from one end of the world to another in real time. That is a far cry from the days when the news that a war was actually over often did not get to the front lines for days and perhaps weeks. Read More...
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