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Time to Give it Up
You are conditioning your mind and un-learning a strong habit. Give yourself time. If you are disciplined and do the following meditation daily, you will not fail in your endeavor.

In your mind’s eye, picture yourself going through your day. You wake up full of joy and excitement. You meet a friend who offers you a cigarette. Picture yourself looking at the cigarettes and then looking at your friend and saying, “No thank you, I don’t smoke.” Continue living through the motions of a typical day. Make it as real as possible. Go through the emotions as they come up and find the habitual emotion that triggers your desire for a cigarette. For example if you go for a cigarette every morning at 10am, what are you thinking before 10am? Visualize this. Then change the programming slightly. Reach in your bag or pocket, get your cigarettes and your lighter. Look at them and say, “I do not smoke and have no need or desire for these cigarettes.” Throw them away. Instead of having a cigarette at 10am, visualize yourself putting that time into chatting, caring and communicating positively with a colleague. Continue this exercise until you come to the end of the day. Every time you would normally have a cigarette, replace the desire with the thought, “I do not want a cigarette. I no longer need to smoke.”

Time to Set Your Self-esteem Soaring
Self-esteem sometimes loses steam! Its symptoms could be anything from mild anxiety to sever depression. A low self-esteem is often the result of negative self chatter which is in your power to change.

Write down all the things you really like about yourself and/or your life.

For example: I am a really good listener. I have a great sense of humor. I love walking in the forest. I love my family. I am very good at writing etc etc. In other words, write down all the qualities about your life and yourself that you admire or are thankful for.

Add to this list as you think of something else that is good and then spend 15 minutes a day reciting all these great things! For an added boost, do this in front of the mirror. The object of this exercise is to turn these negative feelings about your self into feelings of self-love!

Time for Well-Being
A good attitude, optimism and focus can help to heal mind and body. Sometimes it does seem that we really are what we think. So think yourself healthy, beautiful and full of joy.

Close your eyes and imagine a pure white light entering your body from your head. Imagine your body as a pathway and take the bright white light through the pathway to your feet. Slowly focus on the pure white light as it cleanses and blesses every part of your body. If it comes upon an area of pain, focus the light on the area and imagine the pain being dissolved. To make the focus even more powerful you can even say to the pain/area. “With this light I cleanse away all distress. I am healthy, whole and complete.” You can repeat this and other po positive messages until you feel ready to move on with the light. When you have covered your entire body and the all the vital organs, let the light go. Take a few moments to give your body some nurturing loving messages and then slowly open your eyes and end the meditation.

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