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by timetospa October 29, 2005

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Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy/ Dorinne S. Davis

Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy is a fascinating and educational read from an author who is well-qualified to write a book about the differences between various sound therapies. Author Dorinne S. Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, has over 35 years as an educational and rehabilitative audiologist. The book contains detailed information about the physics of sound, the body's reaction to sound, the auditory system and the processes of this system. Factual and well-written, this intricate information is presented in terms a layperson can easily understand. Davis looks at the concept of sound being a nutrient for our bodies and explains that each living molecule has a vibration that causes frequency. This is the driving theory behind using sound as a healing therapy. The author describes the physics of how sound affects various mediums and why sound might be used to eradicate cancer and tumors. According to Dorinne, sound therapy could also be applied to many medical situations – stroke, autism, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, learning and listening difficulties and even physical injuries. You might also be surprised to learn that “everyday” environmental toxins can have such a dramatic effect on brain functions and hearing. The ear affects so much more than we may realize, including balance and emotions.

Rasa Music:

RASA'S MUSIC is based on Indian devotional songs from the Vaishnava tradition. Many of India's finest writers have provided songs in praise of God or expressed a yearning to be closer to the Divine – a desire that has inspired many artists, from many cultures, for many years. Combining these songs with their unique arrangements, RASA has developed a sound that is soulful, respectful of the traditional sources, and very accessible to a western audience. Their music blends meditative, transcendental, and ethereal qualities into an elegant, contemporary style. Rasa dares you to think and live differently and to embrace a new paradigm in which one’s inner Buddha can chill out, do yoga and continue to work, play and flourish in the present world.

The Groove Boutique: Volume One/ Rafe Gomez

Sumptuous sounds to ignite your passion. The Groove Boutique: Volume One offers a delicious serving of one or more. The luscious montage of moods presented on this CD was carefully selected and masterfully blended by Rafe Gomez, DJ/host/producer of The Groove Boutique, America’s first and only nationally syndicated jazz mix radio show. Many of the artists on the album are well-known to devotees of smooth jazz, chill jazz, and nu jazz; others will be less familiar. But beyond the level of their creator’s popularity, the selections of Groove Boutique are united by four artistic attributes: lush production, impeccable performance, pristine song sounds and irresistible coolness. Melt into the warm vibes. Surrender to the sensuous rhythms and savor the mouth-watering flavors of this groovalicious CD.


Originally released in March 1964, this collaboration between saxophonist Stan Getz and guitarist João Gilberto came at seemingly the end of the bossa nova craze Getz himself had sparked in 1962 with Jazz Samba, his release with American guitarist Charlie Byrd. Jazz Samba remains the only jazz album to reach number one in the pop charts. In this recording, enjoy bossa nova's "cool" aesthetic—with its understated rhythms, rich harmonies, and slightly detached delivery. This CD proves that music is indeed a universal language. You don't need to know Portuguese to understand, let alone appreciate, this album. All you need is the ability to admire beauty, and this CD has plenty to offer.

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