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Herbs for Daily Health

by timetospa December 7, 2006
Herbs for Daily Health

Elemis launches new herbs to help ward off the effects of stress and fatigue on both the mind and body.

Elemis High Performance Anti-Ageing – 30 caps $120

Imagine if there was a tablet for anti-ageing? And imagine that just one a day would help regenerate your cells, boost your blood and help your body mimic one that is younger? Well, Elemis High Performance Anti-Ageing has been created to produce this type of age defiance. How does it work? Firstly, a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs are blended to create a potent formula. This blend communicates with the cells and helps detoxify, renew and restructure them. Individual cells hold the key to our health, our beauty and our sense of energy and vigor.

Each packet contains a one-month supply, but for amazing results, the Editor recommends you take the capsules continuously for three months.

Elemis Unwind Restful Night - 60 caps $55

Now and again you are a raving insomniac. You lie there. And lie there. And lie there some more, until eventually you get out of bed and find a book, or bake a cake, or wash the floor or wake up the rest of the house by pacing incessantly in the front room. Well, no more. Now, you can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by day and look forward to a full eight hours of hibernation at night, because Elemis has a wonderful sleep easy solution called Unwind Restful Night. This alchemy of time-tested herbal actives will hush that rambunctious mind and relax your tense body. It will, in short, help you sleep with magical herbs from Mother Nature: hops, lemon balm, German chamomile, lavender flowers, catnip leaves and oats. What a dreamy concoction!

Elemis Relax Joint Mobility 60 caps $55

Ooh. Don’t you hate those aches and pains? As we get older our joints can lose some of their flexibility, making it hard to sit down or get up. Those of us with more sedentary lifestyles, and those involved in work that requires involves repetitive motion or heavy lifting, and those who’ve had an injury at some point seem to be more prone to aches and pains than everyone else. Well, don’t suffer any more. Start taking Elemis Relax Joint Mobility, which is filled with natural substances famous for their ability to soothe pain caused by stiff joints. Take two a day and see a difference within a couple of weeks. Take regularly for continued benefits.

Elemis Life Force Recharge $55

Ever feel like you’ve lost your center? Your energy levels are at an all-time low and yet you aren’t “ill.” You’re eating and sleeping well and there’s no explanation for this bout of severe lethargy, and yet you feel like you have the leading role in the Myth of Sisyphus. Mmmm. Sounds like you need some Life Force Recharge to stimulate you to reach the top of the mountain, to get you through the day with vigor and to feel the vital energy that moves you to take action when necessary. Filled with antioxidants and gentle stimulants, this herbal formula is a wonderful tonic for those sluggish moments.

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