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Four Stages of Cellulite

by timetospa July 2, 2007
Four Stages of Cellulite

As the skin becomes less efficient in eliminating toxins and the process of burning fat slows down, a loss of firmness occurs, along with a dimpled ‘orange peel’ appearance.

There are four stages of cellulite

Stage 1:
Fat Storage Healthy cells begin to fill with fat which then transform into Adipocytes (fat cells)

Stage 2:
Fatty Deposit Build Up The Lypoysis process of converting fat cells into energy decreases, resulting in an increase in the size and number of these cells.

Stage 3:
Toxic Build Up As the size and number of fat cells increase and compact, micro-circulation is slowed down, therefore lymphatic drainage is not as efficient at eliminating toxins.

Stage 4:
Loss of Elasticity Connective tissue becomes distorted, resulting in loss of elasticity, firmness and a dimpled ‘orange peel’ appearance.


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