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Detoxify Your Mind

by timetospa October 8, 2007
Detoxify Your Mind

How much influence does your mind have over your health? Can thoughts be toxic and cause unnecessary stress on your physical body? Does it matter what you think and do you have control over the thoughts that pop into that relatively small space between your ears? Can you create your reality? These are questions that sages through the centuries along with scientists, neurologists, psychologists and mystics of today continually ask. Their collective answer is YES.

There used to be a huge gap between the ideas of scientists and other more ethereal and humanistic thought, but with recent discoveries in quantum physics, this gap seems to be a figment of our imagination. So, what exactly is quantum physics? Well, suffice it to say, it’s the science of really small matter such as electrons, protons and other weird-sounding phenomenon that we are told make up our entire existence. This desk I’m working on appears solid, but it’s just an illusion. According to quantum physics, it is made up of magnetic energy – microscopic matter that creates a field of energy that only appears solid. For a long time, it was thought that at least the nucleus was a solid immovable force, but even that, it seems, is a subtle fluid energy. At the foundation of our existence is pure space—untapped energy waiting to be called upon and made “real.” Even though “real” is, it seems, just an illusion. If you feel like you’ve heard this all before, it’s not a surprise. Read some Buddhist texts and you’ll find that sages wrote many of the same ideas thousands of years ago.

So what does this all mean to us? According to some quantum physicists, this eternal “space” is where dreams / hopes (positive thought) and our nightmares / fears (negative thought) are harvested into reality through the mind. Just like the moon influences the direction of the tide, the mind influences the potential direction of this raw energy. The energy is fluid. It will always move. It is just a question of how it will move. And that is entirely up to you. According to experts, a thought is “energy” that is translated by every cell in your body. The more persistent a thought, the more the cells in your body will conspire to make this thought into a real life event and/or create the emotion and feeling that corresponds with the thought. The entire physical body reacts in accordance with the mind to harvest what thoughts have been sown into the fabric of your being. You are not what you eat. You are what you think. Or at least your life is. It is, according to Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book The Secret, quite simply the Law of Attraction.

For the most part, we are not good at controlling our thoughts and sometimes we even believe that our thoughts are what determine identity. And on a very superficial level, this may be true. However, what seems to be a more positive way of thinking is this: You have the power to create your life through the thoughts you think. You control your mind, which is only a tool to help you visualize your utmost desires. It is impossible for most of us to catch thoughts as they arise. Many of our thoughts are totally habitual and so fleetingly quick that we don’t even realize that we looked in the mirror and said, “You look really fat today,” or “Why can’t you be prettier / more intelligent / more or less voluptuous / more gorgeous?” Or, “I really want to try that facial / massage, but I can’t waste money like that on myself.” According to Byrnes, your body hears every word, loud and clear. Your thoughts of not enough, not good enough, not ready yet, not young enough or old enough, create more of it. Again, it is the Law of Attraction.

This is not just about positive thinking; it’s more than that. Instead, it’s a positive way of being because it focuses on you changing your habitual thoughts and analyzing each one to see if it serves you. You are quite literally trying to eliminate the toxic thoughts that create grief, deplete you of your precious energy and cause physical illness. Oftentimes, premature aging, acne, eczema, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome and other common diseases are triggered by stress, which can be controlled by the mind. According to Miami-based holistic psychotherapist Julie Brown, “What we think is entwined in the makeup of our being, and the more we think the same thoughts, the more they become embedded in our system. It is like your route home from work – you generally take the same roads out of habit.

Sometimes you don’t know how you got from point A to point B. Well, it is the same with your thoughts.” Therefore, it is important you like your thoughts and that they create feelings that are supportive to not only who you are, but who you want to be tomorrow.

The book drives home the power of the mind and the power of you. The Secret has a clear and concise method to put that power to work for you instead of against you. However, for many years, many masters have written books, given speeches and created films that emphasize the same ideas. For the more cerebral among us, a couple of years ago a group of scientists, physicists, biologists, psychologists and mystics came together to create a quasi-documentary called What the Bleep do We Know? This DVD bridges the gap between science and nature when it comes to individual health and happiness. Dr. John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience uses theories from quantum physics to help individuals and corporations align the thinking process with a positive outcome. His seminars, which are very popular in the United States, offer focus seminars for abundance in career, relationships and material wealth. Dr. Deepak Chopra uses quantum physics in his lectures and books and combines these ideas with those of Eastern thought. Almost any person of acclaim has used the ideas proscribed in The Secret. These people who we tend to put on a pedestal are appropriately called “visionaries,” which is simply this: A person who creates a picture of what it is he or she wants and then invests all energy toward that vision. The vision could be as innocuous and self-serving as “I have really smooth thighs,” which I said last week, or as world-changing as “I see people of every race holding hands…” as Martin Luther King Jr. said in the nineteensixties. Oh, and by the way, there is no such thing as self-serving. If it makes you happy, then that touches everyone else too.

So, what about results? There are definitely passionate supporters of this philosophy: Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal your Life (Hayhouse Publishers), states she healed herself of cancer without any medication using the power of the mind, visualization and alternative therapies. The Secret identifies people who have had their lives turned around by using these ideas, including the author, who before the success of this book and DVD, was in a terrible state financially, physically and emotionally. Now, the world is her oyster. Quite literally.

Sound a little too simplistic for you? Could life really be that easy? Well, up until very recently, perhaps it would have been simple to disregard this information as being unrealistic. However, in the July 2nd, 2007 edition of Newsweek, an article by Sharon Begley called “When Does Your Brain Stop Making New Neurons?” reveals that our brains are much more open to change in adulthood than we once thought. New neurons are replacing old ones every day, implying that we can be rewired if our existing wiring is not really working for us. This means that all sorts of states of being that were once thought of as fixed (overanxiousness, worry, fear, insecurity, stress, depression, anger etc.) can be transformed by re-educating the brain to think differently.

So maybe your life is not in your hands. Maybe it is in your mind. And if you are still not convinced, then why don’t you try it anyway? Play with it. Visualize yourself beautiful, abundant, joyful and full of vibrant energy. Then think about situations you would love to be in. Imagine yourself there. Immerse yourself in it and make it all happen. Don’t start with something too huge – start with something you will willingly accept should it present itself to you. Meanwhile ponder this concept: The only person you are responsible for is you. And when you take that on, you take on the entire world.

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