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The Secret

by Rhonda Byrne May 10, 2008
The Secret

What is this great mystery that has become a global phenomenon?

According to author Rhonda Byrne, it is the secret to everything you want in life, from unlimited joy to unlimited riches.  "The law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe.  What we do is we attract into our lives the things we want, and that is based on what we're thinking and feeling."  In essence, we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. And the choices we make are driven by our thoughts, which means our thoughts attract the positive and negative events in our lives.  Thus there is no such thing as an accident or coincidence; it is you, the individual, who brings bad luck upon yourself because of your toxic thinking.  But here's the good news: If you can change your thoughts, and therefore your feelings, you can actually cause the universe around you to emit a positive energy and the desires of your heart will come to be realized!

All you have to do is Ask – Believe – Receive.


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