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Elemis Celebrates 20 Years!

by timetospa May 12, 2010
Elemis Celebrates 20 Years!A trip down memory lane of the British brand that boasts distribution in over 1000 luxury spas and retail outlets.

Elemis began with a small but dedicated visionary team who had a mission to create a therapeutic brand that harnessed the power of nature and promised clients integrity from field to face.

Medical-grade plant extracts were mixed within active bases, ensuring that every part of the product would mean something to the skin and ultimately make a difference. Noella Gabriel, Director of Treatment Development recalls, “We wanted to create something that was the epitome of sensuality. From the packaging through to the texture, aroma and use of the product on the skin, our goal was to transform state of mind as well as the state of the skin!” The brand was born in 1989 with its first products launched in 1990 as a spa-therapy led brand. “I was given the amazing challenge of choreographing treatments so that they were more like a ritual, and then developing products to complement each treatment.”

The Elemis executive team emphasizes the concept of ‘experience’ and ‘lifestyle.’ “While we all love the idea of having a ‘treat’ when we go to the spa or buy a new bath product, we wanted to actually transform peoples lives through self-care rituals and through emphasizing how important it is to take time to nurture your physical self.” Caring for your skin and body, according to the Elemis philosophy is just part of a wellness program. Just as in healthy lifestyle you will ensure you workout and eat plenty of organic vegetables, so will you too, look after and detoxify your skin from the outside in! To show how serious Elemis is about actual physical results, they invest in independent clinical trials. “Clinical trials are extremely expensive and scientific and we went back to the drawing board and reformulated products until we could make such statements as “Your skin will show less wrinkle depth in 15 days,” or “your skin will be resurfaced by 74%.”

Elemis doesn’t just care about your skin. It also cares about the environment and its impact and has taken measures to tread even more carefully. While it does use the finest ingredients from nature, it never takes from endangered resources or if the removal of plants would negatively impact a local community. Plants are harvested once a year, allowing small animals to live and thus participate in the biodiversity of the environment. Rare plant species are not harvested from their native environment, but grown in France and harvested under control. The manufacturing division of Elemis has the ISO 14001 certificate which ensures environmental responsibility including the optimization of waste handling and 75% recycling rate (plant residue used as fertilizer, plastic recycling.) A new system of water recycling, ‘Phytorestauration’, is being implemented where water used for tank cleansing is now being recycled in filtering gardens, preserving the eco-system.

Like your skin, Elemis has evolved and transformed since it made its debut 20 years ago, and is committed to continual research and development so that your skin is treated to the most effective and sensuous ingredients ever available!

Celebrating 20 years with the top 20 Elemis products! With such a plethora of skinful, skinsational, skintastic products, how do you choose a mere 20? It was stressful. But we did it. As arduous a task as it was, over the holidays we immersed ourselves in Elemis every day. We bathed, we rubbed, we inhaled. We repeated. We hope you appreciate the great sacrifices we made to produce this list. We did it for you dear customers. So, without further ado, we present The Best of Elemis...

1. THE BEST NATURAL WAY TO CONDITION THE SKIN So simple and yet so effective, brushing your skin is the first thing you should do when you leap out of the bed in the morning and the last thing you do before you dive into bed. The Elemis Skin Brush is made of pure cactus and when used on the body helps to stimulate blood flow to the skin’s surface and detoxify the body. Brush upwards from the soles of the feet. $44

2. THE BEST BATHING EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD Yes – we know that most of us love a fresh shower, but at least once a week, just relax in a nourishing bath. Treat yourself to the limited edition Skin Nourishing Milk Bath and let your mind and body be pampered! 500ml / $94

3. THE BEST ECO-FRIENDLY REFRESHINGLY YUMMY BODY WASH How many ways to wash thy skin? Oh, there are many – but our favorite is with the Exotic Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash. It’s so delicious and pure that it is almost edible. Spicy ginger, thyme, nettle, chamomile in a lovely soya, wheat and milk protein base promise to leave your skin sensuously satisfied with a nuance of a soft, sweet aroma that flirts with the air and those around you! Eco and skin friendly, the Exotic Lime and Ginger Duo is just $70 (comes with the Exotic Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Lotion)

4. THE BEST ECO-FRIENDLY EXOTICALLY EXOTIC SHOWER CREAM Ooh the Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath and Shower Cream is an eco-friendly concoction that says NO to parabens. NO to SLS’s. NO to SES’s and NO to SLE’s. It also says NO to alcohol, so it is totally pure. Of course it says YES too. Like to fragrant Frangipani Flowers, nourishing Coprah Oil and active Milk Whey. Creamy, silky and according to an inside source, it is great for shaving your legs. 200ml / $35

5. THE BEST MONOI MONEY CAN BUY What is monoi, you ask? Well, it is a waxy substance that occurs when the petals of Tiare flowers are soaked (in this case) in Coconut Coprah Oil. Traditionally, the flowers are left to soak in the oil for 2 to 3 weeks in darkness. Then they melt together and 'monoi' is created. It is solid when cold, but by placing the bottle in a sink of hot water for just a minute, the wax gets heated and becomes a deliciously nourishing fragrant warm oil. And that is the story behind the Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt, an alchemy of petals and oil that feels like a kiss upon the skin. 100ml / $48

6. THE BEST SERUM TO HELP YOU SHRINK Your body sometimes needs some good old fashioned discipline to fulfill its dazzling potential. Therefore, we recommend alternating your body products throughout the year. First, use the Body Sculpting Lipo- Refining Serum, 200ml to penetrate deep into the dermis and inspire those skin cells to maintain their healthy smooth shape as opposed to becoming obscure and puckered! The key ingredient is Peru Liana which helps inhibit fat storage by preventing healthy skin cells (Pre-Adipocytes) from filling with Triglycerides (a build-up of fatty acids), resulting in undesirable fatty cells (Adipocytes). Simply slather on to the thighs, buttocks tummy and tops of arms after your shower. Body Sculpting Lipo-Refining Serum, 200ml / $75

7. THE BEST SCRUB IN THE UNIVERSE Off with the old. In with the new. New you. New skin. That’s our motto. And what better way to achieve this than by scrubbing your body with nothing other than the Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow? Huge gritty chunks of sea salt, Lime Peel and pieces of Ginger in a Kukui Nut Oil base promise to slough away 2009’s dead skin! 410g / $58

8. THE BEST CREAM TO ELIMINATE WOBBLES The Body Sculpting Lipo-Refining Serum is excellent for helping to break down those stubborn fatty cells, while Body Sculpting Firming Cream leaves your body feeling smooth and firmed. Synergistically combining natural extracts of Peru Liana, Sea Fennel and Brown Algae Scorparia with Bitter Orange petal, a unique complex of Organic Silicum and mineral-rich Spring Water leave the skin feeling toned and firmer. 200ml / $75

9. THE BEST ANTI-AGING DISCOVERY SINCE THE PRO-COLLAGEN MARINE CREAM Pro-Collagen Body Serum Intensive Lift contains Elemis’ new micro-Lattice technology developed specifically to lift and smooth the skin on the body. After an application, the technology forms an invisible ‘body-stocking’ effect. Instantly absorbed, the concentrated gel-serum is formulated with an antiaging Peptide combined with Acacia, Paracress and marine extract Padina Pavonica to create a powerful, results-driven solution for slackening skin on the buttocks, abdomen and arms. 140ml / $86

10. THE BEST SPARKLING BODY CREAM The Pro-Collagen Radiantly Smooth Body Cream continues the quest for anti-aging from the neck down with a gorgeous soufflé like cream that smoothes and tightens the skin while bestowing a subtle but deliberate star-kissed shimmer to the skin! 200ml

11. THE BEST ANTI-OXIDANT POWER SURGE FOR THE SKIN Sometimes your skin needs absolute nourishment. It needs that extra power surge that comes with skinirvana. At these times you need the Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, formulated with Moringa Oil which has 1700% more anti-oxidant power than other oils. Infused with Rose for the day and Lavender for the night, the little capsules smell like heaven on your skin. Use this as a boost to your day and night time cream. 60 caps / $105

12. THE BEST PARABEN FREE CREAM CLEANSER Your skin should be treated like a masterpiece, and this begins with how you clean it. A good cleanser doesn’t just wash away make up and excess oils, but it is also Paraben, SLS, SLES, DEA and Mineral Oil FREE. It has anti-aging properties as well as lots of radiance producing anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is the Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser which is available from February, 2010. 150ml / $47

13. THE BEST AND MOST FRUITY PEEL Papaya is a delicious fruit and makes an amazingly gentle but effective face peel. In our Papaya Enzyme Peel, the fruit enzymes work at literally eating away the dead skin cells. The texture is like that of a creamy mousse and it smells delightfully fresh and fruity! 50ml / $42

14. BRIGHTENING BOOST TO YOUR SKIN Re-energize and brighten your skin with Elemis Visible Brilliance. Transform a dull, lifeless and lacking complexion to youthful, healthy and radiant skin. $70 / 30ml

15. THE BEST RESURFACING MASK Reveal that giggly new skin under the stoic surface with the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask. This latest addition to the Resurfacing range has already won awards from American Spa magazine as being the best of the best! Apply and feel it tingling your skin back to life. 50ml / $75

16. THE BEST ANTI-AGING MOISTURIZER EVER Treat yourself to the gift of anti-aging with the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. In 15 days you will have a visible smoother skin! They say the 40’s is the new 30’s and we feel that Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has contributed to turning the clocks back at least a decade! 50ml / $124

17. THE BEST MINERAL RICH SERUM Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum contains the purest concentration of the marine extract Padina Pavonica and anti-oxidant Argan Tree Oil, in addition to the precious minerals Quartz and Rhodochrosite. Lifts, firms and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 30ml / $175

18. THE BEST INNOVATIVE NIGHT CREAM Think of your skin cells like a living person. The better it breathes and is infused with oxygen, the more vibrant and lively it is, just like you. It is a microcosm of you in fact. So the genius’s at Elemis went to work on improving the breathability of your skin. Voila! We have the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream which is clinically proven to increase the oxygen levels in the skin by up to 41%.* 50ml / $167

19. THE BEST BREAST ENHANCER Forget all those exercises to lift and firm your bust. Apply the Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment for the Neck and Bust – a clinically proven formulation that will smooth and firm after just 28 days! 50ml / $116

20. THE BEST HAND CREAM EVER So you spend all this time nourishing the skin on your face and body, but you almost forgot those little appendages that poke out of the end of your blouse! Well, we are here to remind you that just like the fragile skin on the neck and around the eyes, the hands are often the first to feel the wrath of time with skin creepiness and age spots. However, despite the fact that it lessens the appearance of wrinkles and targets age spots, this is not why we love the Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream so much. The true reason is because it smells like summer in the South of France and makes your hands feel like they have been marinated in silk. 100ml / $56

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