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Incantations for a Brilliant Year

by timetospa May 14, 2010
Incantations for a Brilliant Year

Timetospa has created mantras to help you connect with those parts of yourself you may have lost touch with. Feel free to add in your own mantras, or just read our mantras every time you open the refrigerator door! This year can be a Wow! Oh My! Wow! kind of year.

My body is a mirror of health, vitality and joy
I enjoy my sensuality.
My body moves with the grace of a dancer.
I eat healthfully and take care of my body.
I care for myself from top to toe making the best out of what I have.
When it comes to my well-being, I do whatever it takes to be my well-beingest!
I am strong. I am beautiful. I LOVE MY BODY.
I meditate and witness old patterns and habits that don’t serve me. Then I let them go.
I stretch myself physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.
I eat organic vegetables.

I am loved beyond my wildest dreams
I love passionately and completely
I am always open to love
My way of life is a way of love.
I love to love!

I will learn about my ancestors
I will go back to my roots and try to understand my family’s history
I will keep a journal
I will try hypnotherapy
I will self-meditate
I will perpetuate myself into the atmosphere.

This year and every year I will boldly experience something
I have never experienced before!
I will hike to the base camp of Mount Everest
I will hike through the Continental Divide
I will cross the Sahara desert by camel
I will buy a motorbike.
I will learn to fly a plane.

I have wonderful, authentic relationships
I feel really grateful for my family
My relationships support me and encourage me to be my best
My relationships are best described as amazingly whacky, exciting, unexpected, true, passionate and real.

I love my work
I work with brilliant, creative, generous people
Everyday I am inspired to improve my skills and I come up with absolutely ingenious ideas out of nowhere!
I am recognized for my work and rewarded really, really, really, really well!
Everyday I am inspired to do my absolute best.

I am...
forever evolving
forever transforming
forever transcending boundaries.
I am...
student and professor, teaching some and learning from others.
I realize...
however old I am, there is always more to discover
however young I am, I can still make intelligent and wise choices.
I am an accumulation of the choices I have made combined with lots of serendipitous circumstances.
I can do whatever I want to do and I only want to do what I can do
I am surrounded by mentors.


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