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Top beauty products, from our pantry to yours

by timetospa May 24, 2011
Top beauty products, from our pantry to yours

Have you ever reached for a skincare product, only to realize it was totally making you hungry? That's right - a number of common items you can locate in your fridge or pantry also boast plenty of hidden beauty potential. And even if you consider it wholly unappetizing to douse your hair in egg yolks, you can look for top quality beauty products that use these ingredients in a more sophisticated manner.

1. Olive oil. This is one cure-all that's beneficial to nearly every problem area. Need a bit of extra shine in your hair? Dab a dime-sized amount onto your fingers and work it through your tresses. Hands and feet looking a bit cracked? Go to sleep with a good helping of the stuff on dry areas.

2. Avocado. According to RealBeauty.com, this is as an awesome technique to use right before you go on a date. Mash up a ripe avocado and rub it all over your legs, letting it soak for a few minutes to give you the sexiest, softest gams you've ever touched.

3. Eggs. If you've never tried an egg yolk hair mask, trust us - you've got nothing to lose. Egg whites are also great for making homemade masks, but you may want to stick with store-bought varieties to avoid the goopy mess this could entail.


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