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Call in the hair doctor: Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy to the rescue

by timetospa May 25, 2011
Call in the hair doctor: Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy to the rescue

Let's be honest - most of your standard hair products don't give you a comprehensive solution to take back all the damage you've done to your hair. Most people would say that it simply can't be done. But while turning back the hands of time is a near-impossible task, you can enlist the aid of certain highly-specialized products to help you get your hair back to (most of) its original splendor.

Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair is the perfect solution for anyone whose tresses have taken a beating. It essentially combines nourishing with strengthening power by restoring moisture to your hair, effectively healing split ends and protecting your mane from thermal heat. It also lends an extra oomph to its body by controlling frizz and replacing it with a healthy, luminous and manageable shine.

With its ideal blend of camellia oil and sunflower seed oil, Rehab Hair Therapy is the perfect fix for all types of hair and can be used daily or weekly on wet or dry locks.


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Meda Licalzi United States
6/20/2014 2:55:25 PM #

A terrific time Saturday night. We surprised my parents and they were thriled when they got there..Thank you! I used to be advised by the photo booth person that footage would be online. Where are they?


Harold Dannard United States
7/5/2014 5:23:26 AM #

that is what i had been imagining 9th of nov wasn't outside of this globe


orsaken till den akuta formen är relativt osäker men sannolikt beror den på överansträngning.


Proprium Marketing United States
7/13/2014 9:13:52 AM #

thank you for sharing with us, I  conceive this website really  stands out : D.


Skoinlägg Göteborg United States
7/14/2014 11:54:56 AM #

Det som utmärker plantar fasciit är belastningssmärta under främre delen av hälen, men den kan även sträcka sig mot mitten av fotvalvet och bakre delen av ankeln. Vid plantar fasciit uppstår smärtan framförallt när en aktivitet startas. De första stegen på morgonen eller efter vila. Ofta blir det värre ju mer foten belastas under dagen. Ortorehab.se


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