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Channeling Pippa through cellulite treatments

by timetospa May 25, 2011
Channeling Pippa through cellulite treatments

Ever since Kate Middleton got taken off the market, the world has been abuzz over her fun, spunky sister. Pippa Middleton has been the center of attention for more than just her looks, but we can't deny that her amazingly toned body had nothing to do with it.

The U.K.'s Daily Star even reports that the Pippa craze has even had some envious ladies going in for a butt-lift surgery to try to emulate her now-iconic derriere, and people around the world are picking up Pilates in the hopes that her fitness secret will work wonders on them.

If you've been admiring Miss Pippa from afar but can't see yourself going to quite such extremes, rest assured that there's always a middle ground.

Rather than going under the knife, you can achieve subtle, painless results by merely using the right body detox product. It's no substitute for eating well and exercising, but you can see your skin noticeably firm up through consistent application. Be sure to follow up with a good self-tanning lotion to (safely) get her enviable glow. 


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