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Dita Von Teese on staying trim

by timetospa May 26, 2011
Dita Von Teese on staying trim

Not all forms of body detox necessarily involve sweating in a sauna or following an insanely strict diet for several weeks. In Dita Von Teese's world, the trick is to keep things interesting enough to want to keep going.

"I think variety is key," she confessed to The New York Times' T Magazine. "I prefer the competitive atmosphere of a classroom setting, like yoga or Pilates. That keeps me going. Although performing on stage is great exercise!"

Many women prefer taking yoga or dance classes in lieu of hitting the elliptical because of the movement and variety these fitness programs offer, and they often do the work of a cardiovascular, stretching and toning exercise all at the same time.

If monotony ain't your thing, you can enlist the aid of some clever cellulite products to help you attain the trim figure you deserve. A specialty product such as Elemis Body Sculpting Firming Cream is no substitute for real exercise, but it can help you get there just a tad bit quicker.


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