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Bend the limits of what your beauty products can do

by timetospa May 26, 2011
Bend the limits of what your beauty products can do

There's no better opportunity to color outside the lines than when you're applying your makeup. Thanks to the extreme versatility of today's beauty products, more and more women are finding it possible to use makeup in creative new ways.

Wondering what we mean? If you've ever gone for an outrageous eye or lip makeup look, chances are you've relied on cross-purposing your normal cosmetics to get you the result you had in mind. Blue lips a la Ke$ha would be made less possible if we couldn't use eyeliner to fill in our pouts (that's what she does, anyway), and a sultry red-rimmed glare is easy to accomplish if you've got a cranberry lip liner laying around. BecomeGorgeous.com even recommends using pink or peach eyeshadows on moisturized lips to enhance the color of your kisser in a subtle, glamorous way.

Many makeup companies create all-purpose color sticks or palettes - such as the Colorescience Global Corrector Palette - that can be used on one's cheeks, lips and eyes. If you don't feel like investing in one of these products, you can still use your standard cosmetics in all kinds of exciting ways.


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