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Anti aging moisturizer is good for men and women worldwide

by timetospa May 26, 2011
Anti aging moisturizer is good for men and women worldwide

There may still be an existing stigma about the use of most beauty products among men, but the beauty community as a whole is seeing more possibilities regarding men and makeup. And while male eyeliner and cover-up are still somewhat contentious topics, many would agree that there's nothing unmanly about using a great anti aging moisturizer.

Moisturizer is like the water of skin care products - your skin craves that hydrated feeling. And because men are no more exempt from developing fine lines and wrinkles than their female counterparts, they may find it just as beneficial to begin incorporating an anti-aging product into their daily routines once they hit their 30's.

Famous makeup master Francois Nars even says that moisturizer is virtually the only product he applies on a consistent basis. "[I] take care of my skin, drink a lot of water, if possible, and put on a great moisturizer at night and during the day," he told FashionEtc.com. "That's my routine that I do every day no matter what."

If you're still worried about the stigma, reach for a skin care product designed especially for men and their individual needs, such as Elemis Time Defence Wrinkle Delay.


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