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Why some skin care products can virtually replace your makeup

by timetospa June 3, 2011
Why some skin care products can virtually replace your makeup

The next time you whip out that tube of under-eye concealer, reconsider your usage of your beauty products. Just as too much foundation can actually exacerbate an existing acne condition, an overwhelming amount of concealer below the eyes can keep you from ever getting rid of those dark under-eye circles.

"What many [women] do not know is that those dark circles are actually blood vessels showing through the skin due to poor blood circulation," spa owner Arkadia Dullek told the Pocono Record. "Concealer doesn't allow the skin to breathe, leaving the appearance of dark circles under the eyes."

Dullek recommends leaving your house sans-concealer every now and then to allow the oxygen to take care of those dark circles on its own. If you don't feel like going totally bare, use a good eye cream to help further along the process.

In the same vein, the consistent use of moisturizer, anti aging skin cream and various nutritional supplements will help give you naturally beautiful skin over time, thus lessening your need to wear any form of corrective makeup.


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