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Multi-purpose makeup products: The many benefits of primer

by timetospa June 3, 2011
Multi-purpose makeup products: The many benefits of primer

Multi-purpose cosmetics don't necessarily refer to the unique versatility of certain makeup products, which allow people to experiment with eyeliner-induced lip color, gazes rimmed with lipliner and so much more. Some products are packed with more than one obvious benefit, to which end we extoll the benefits of primer.

Primer is not the same as foundation, as it goes on as a base coat prior to the rest of your makeup. Primer serves as a veritable "spackle" for your skin, filling in pores and evening out the texture of your skin.

Not only is this great for people who are concerned with the size of their pores, but it's also a fool-proof strategy for those who are prone to a little excess sweating. Makeup artist Jackie Gomez told Allure.com that primer is one of her trademark secrets for creating the high-performance stage looks of Beyonce and other big movers and shakers. "I always use primer to help blot away oil and prevent sweating," she told the news source.

If you're not into the idea of layering more makeup onto your face, try Freeze 24-7 Freeze & Go Instant Smoother and Brightener. The versatile formula is designed to go over or under makeup without smearing or smudging, all the while evening out your skin tone, reducing the appearance of large pores, softening fine lines and brightening your complexion.


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