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Summer moisture 101: Making the most of your skincare products

by timetospa June 8, 2011
Summer moisture 101: Making the most of your skincare products

There are plenty of things that are abundant in the summertime: short shorts, colorful beauty products, sun-kissed glows and the whirring noise of the AC, to name a few. Moisture, on the other hand, tends to be quite scarce.

To start, you should be getting your recommended eight glasses more-so than ever as well as stocking up on high-quality moisturizers, lotions and night creams for the dry summer months.

If you're wondering how to get the most hydration power out of your products, it helps to remain consistent with your application - this means in the morning as well as at night, according to Glamour.com. "Your A.M. ritual is a good start, but for dewy skin, you should moisturize each and every night," the news source recommends. "Keep a fan or AC on and sleep in a long-sleeve shirt and leggings - the fabric helps trap the moisture in."

The use of cool temperatures works doubly well for hair as well. Rinse your tresses with cold water after washing out your hair products to lock in moisture and protect against frizzy fly-aways.


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