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Don't make these basic mistakes with your makeup products

by timetospa June 16, 2011
Don't make these basic mistakes with your makeup products

Beauty products should be simple enough to use, but that doesn't mean that everyday women won't make a few common makeup mistakes now and again. Here's our take on some of the most common beauty blunders.

1. Using the wrong shade of foundation. Whether you're painting your sun-kissed face in ivory makeup or creating a telltale chinstrap line where the white and orange ends, many women don't know how to choose the right shade of foundation. It's imperative to test makeup on the inside of your wrist as well as along your jawline to ensure that it blends in. (Tip - many department stores don't have reliable lighting - step outside for a minute to see yourself in natural illumination).

2. Applying foundation to dry, flaky skin. There's nothing worse than makeup that draws attention to all of your flaws rather than covering them up. To prevent this, exfoliate on a regular basis and use moisturizer every day.

3. Painting reflective war-stripes below your eyes. This is usually only obvious in photos, but if you're using too much concealer below your eyes (or a shade that's lighter than your skin tone), try to break the habit right now.


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