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Best body skincare practices: Banishing razor bumps for good

by timetospa June 16, 2011
Best body skincare practices: Banishing razor bumps for good

There's nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about your hairy legs - other than feeling self-conscious about the army of razor bumps you've replaced them with, of course. To make these unwelcome visitors a thing of the past, try these easy tricks and enjoy smooth skin for years to come.

Change your razor blade every week. It may be difficult to say goodbye to the cheap shaving tool you've used for so long, but dull blades are one of the leading causes of skin irritation.

Shave in the direction of hair growth. If your skin can handle it on your legs, we say go for it - but if your sensitive bikini area is prone to flare-ups, it's best to sacrifice an ultra-smooth shave for one that will be gentle on your skin.

Use a deodorant to calm any irritation. If you ever wondered why your armpits were less prone to razor bumps than other areas of your skin, it may have something to do with the ingredients found in your favorite armpit product.


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