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Wake-me-up beauty products: The power of blush

by timetospa June 20, 2011
Wake-me-up beauty products: The power of blush

We can sing the praises of all sorts of makeup products, but no product is more deserving of acclaim than blush in the summertime - your ticket to glowing, radiant beach-ready skin.

Even if you swear by bronzer this season, you can still add a hint of rosy color to your cheeks to make the contours of your face pop and your spirits soar. In fact, a bit of pink can actually enhance your bronzer by making the color look less flat and one-dimensional.

Many people rely on blush to help their tired-looking faces come alive again, Allure Web Editor Fiona Gibb explains. "It instantly perks up my skin," she wrote on the website.

If you're bored with standard blush techniques, try experimenting with some of the rather avant garde blush trends that have been cropping up on runways as of late. No longer confined to the apples of your cheeks, you can apply blush to your temples and around your eyes as well as lower down near your mouth for an unexpected yet fashionable pop of color.


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