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Your recipe for the perfect anti aging skin cream

by timetospa June 20, 2011
Your recipe for the perfect anti aging skin cream

Every woman, at some point in her life, realizes that her anti aging skincare routine serves her best when she does her research. There's plenty of literature regarding the science behind the aging process and what you can do to slow it down, but it certainly pays to know which products work best. Fortunately, streamlining your routine can be a simple matter of following a recipe.

In the world of anti aging skincare, there are ingredients you want in the mixture and ingredients that you definitely want to avoid.

Some of things on the long list of things to avoid include sun, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and poor stress management.

If you rule all of these things out, you'll have the perfect basis for such incredible anti-aging ingredients as retinol - "the best way to slow down the clock with a cream," according to Allure.com - as well as a hydrating moisturizer, food rich in antioxidants and plenty of beauty rest.


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