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Body skincare tips for a breakout-free summer

by timetospa June 22, 2011
Body skincare tips for a breakout-free summer

Perhaps even more surprising than sudden bouts of adult acne is the appearance of blemishes below our necks. Few ladies think about body outbreaks beyond their teen years, but when it does happen, it's certainly a major beauty bummer.

To show off the sexiest, smoothest skin this summer, ladies may want to start using a shower gel containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients are both time-tested solutions to diminish the appearance of acne on one's face and body.

That being said, you can use the same lotions and spot treatments on your back and shoulders as you would on your face, so make sure to follow up with an acne-fighting product after you wash up.

It helps to take preventative measures as well. If you're breaking out consistently on your shoulders, you may be allergic to a certain kind of material. Sleep in the same necklace every evening? An outbreak of spots near your chest could be a signal that you need to take it off while you get your beauty rest.


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