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Professional nail polish tips for a stylin' summer

by timetospa June 23, 2011
Professional nail polish tips for a stylin' summer

Even if you're not a professional nail polish artist, you can still bring this season's hottest trends to your at-home manicures by staying abreast of the latest sizzling polish trends. This summer, aim to make your nails a bit more memorable by trying your hand at a few of these zany manicure ideas.

If your idea of a French manicure was limited to a pink and white paradigm, consider it shattered. There's nothing more stylish than clear polish accented by bright red or violet tips, or a two-toned look that uses bold, contrasting shades on the base and tip. The sky's the limit when it comes to these colorful possibilities.

Speaking of two-tone designs, you can also show off your clever side by painting one finger on each hand a contrasting color for an undeniable appeal. Celebrity A-listers such as Vanessa Hudgens have brought this alluring trend to light.

Finally, if you've got the patience, try adding a pattern or texture to your nails. Pointillated dots are easy to do, but ambitious gals may want to try a complex plaid design.


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