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This summer, keep it light with your makeup products

by timetospa June 24, 2011
This summer, keep it light with your makeup products

It's hard enough to keep all of your makeup products from slipping off your face in the summer, but it may be easier to circumvent this problem by figuring out a way to apply less cosmetics in the first place.

It turns out that Allure.com recommends using a dampened makeup sponge to apply foundation, as this will help prevent you from putting on more makeup than your face really needs.

Another alternative is skipping the foundation altogether and replacing it with a face primer and tinted moisturizer combination. Primer acts as a key ingredient to help prevent makeup from coming off while simultaneously evening out the skin's texture - which means you won't need more than a bit of sheer tinted moisturizer for additional coverage and an easy, breathable finish.

If you're really eager to trace the problem to the root of the cause, you can take extra steps to bolster your skincare routine so that your dermis can shine more beautifully on its own. Engage in the regular use of a high-quality cleanser, toner, moisturizer and night cream designed with your skin's needs in mind.


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