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A professional nail polish guide to expressing yourself out loud

by timetospa June 28, 2011
A professional nail polish guide to expressing yourself out loud

Believe it or not, there's usually a rhyme and a reason to the nail polish shades we choose. Similar to our fashion and makeup choices, the hue of a lady's manicure speaks volumes about her character and the particular mood she was in when she painted her talons.

According to StyleList.com, ladies who wear electric shades of polish are unsurprisingly outspoken, but different colors tend to signify different things. Hot pink lends itself to ladies who are chic and confident, while bright yellow reportedly denotes fashion know-how. Coral is best flaunted by a happy woman, while gals with neon green on their nails can be expected to talk it up (and keep partying all night long).

As for polish shades that are slightly more understated, off-white and light pink hues tend to lie with classy perfectionists while red is a symbol of vitality and sometimes love. Sky blue denotes youthfulness and deep purple is for the ultimate trendsetter. Finally, gold is for the lady who's classically fashionable no matter what the occasion may be.

No matter what you're feeling this summer, enlist the aid of the best professional nail polish on the market today. CND Nail Colour comes in a full array of shades in every color family and is guaranteed to keep up with your moods.


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