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Body skincare tips for men

by timetospa June 30, 2011
Body skincare tips for men

Although the skincare and beauty industries are typically thought of as female-dominated, millions of men around the country experience the devastating effects of problematic skin issues each year. Because of this, companies have worked to provide skincare solutions specially formulated for men who wish to have clear, healthy skin each day. Combining essential products for the everyday man into one travel-friendly case, the Essential Grooming solutions kit by Elemis contains everything needed for picture-perfect, unblemished skin.

For a baby smooth shave, men should use the kit's energising skin scrub in order to prepare the face by removing dirt, oil and dead skin cells and opening up pores to expose hair follicles. The ice-cool foam shaving gel should then be applied in order to prevent nicks and cuts from occurring during the shave. Filled with anti-aging ingredients to help keep men looking young, the time-defense wrinkle-delay serum should be slathered on post shave to keep skin healthy and moisturized for the entire day.


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