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Summer beauty trend: Red lips

by timetospa June 30, 2011
Summer beauty trend: Red lips

This summer, one of the hottest beauty product trends in Hollywood and the fashion industry is a bold red lip stain with models and celebrities like Chloe Sevigny, Lady Gaga and Alessandra Ambrosio sporting dramatically bright pouts on various red carpets this month. Hoping to accessorize with lipstick? Here are some expert tips for choosing your perfect shade of red.

Red lipstick is striking when paired with a dark summer tan, but that doesn't mean paler women can't pull off the look. Remember that colors will seem brighter against a pure white backdrop - the lighter your skin tone, the lighter the shade of red should be to avoid looking like a clown.

To prepare lips for application, use a moisturizing lip gloss like Lip Revive from Elemis and let the petroleum-free formula condition and soften lips. After applying the first coat of lipstick, blot with a paper towel and set lip color with a light dusting of baby powder to prevent lipstick from sticking to teeth or running in the hot summer sun. Then, apply additional coats throughout the day as needed for a hot summer smile.


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