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Beauty products help hide acne

by timetospa June 30, 2011
Beauty products help hide acne

Although it is generally a bad idea to cover up acne-prone or blemished skin with makeup products which can aggravate cells and clog pores, there are ways to create a picture-perfect face without damaging skin further. Follow these three steps to fake a flawless face during the day.

Step 1. Before applying any makeup solution, make sure to exfoliate skin and to apply an acne-controlling moisturizer for a clean and balanced canvas. This will control oil production and create a barrier between your pores and the makeup products.

Step 2. Apply a liquid foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to the area directly below your eyes, the apples of your cheeks and any problem areas using a high quality foundation brush.

Step 3. Using a mineral powder foundation, like the Suncanny SPF 20 Retractable Brush from Colorescience, apply a thin layer of coverage in your normal skin tone to the entire face to create a uniform look. This will help to set the liquid foundation already applied and will provide light coverage and sun protection for the entire face.


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