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Professional nail polish trend: bright summer colors

by timetospa June 30, 2011
Professional nail polish trend: bright summer colors

Bright nail polish colors have taken over the summer with funky fingernails acting as one of the hottest accessories to everyday outfits this season. Not sure which colors will complement your skin tone? Here are NUMBER pretty polishes from the CND Nail Colour
collection that can be worn by any woman for a pop of color.

Bicycle Yellow. With celebrities like Natalie Portman and Rihanna sporting summery yellow nails, lemon-tinted shades have definitely become an acceptable color to wear during the daytime. Although it can sometimes look too bright for women with extremely light skin tones, CND's bicycle yellow is the perfect pedicure treat and looks universally flattering when worn on toes.

Anchor Blue. The perfect accessory to a black and white outfit, ocean blue nail polish colors have been popping up everywhere with Katy Perry and Ke$ha both sporting bright blue nails recently.

Green Scene. Maintaining its popularity in the nail industry for over three years, bright green nails are a fun look for the office when worn on extremely short, square-cut nails.


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