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The vital process of blending your beauty products

by timetospa July 6, 2011
The vital process of blending your beauty products

The best practices when it comes to makeup products are often the simplest ones, and there's no better example of this than blending.

StyleBistro guest editor Shaun Robinson recently cited the trick as one of her favorite ways to get a flawless finish every time. "Alice likes lots of blush and lots of gloss. Val likes to focus on the eyes. Both of them always tell me to blend my makeup - blend it, blend it, blend it," Robinson said of her makeup artists.

Many experts will agree that the best way to get a seamless finish every time is to invest in a set of quality makeup brushes. Whether real hair or synthetic, brushes can help achieve a level of equal distribution and professionalism that many fingertips can't.

Perfection-conscious ladies may also wish to look into a color palette to help coordinate their makeup choices. A Colorescience Corrector Palette comes with all the necessary hues to function as a concealer, corrector, eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer or foundation and is available in two color choices to suit most skin types.


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