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The difference between bronze and sand-colored makeup products

by timetospa July 11, 2011
The difference between bronze and sand-colored makeup products

Not that beauty products need to be such a hair-splitting subject, but there are subtle differences at play when we aim to define the mood we wish to create. The difference between "bronze" and "sand" can actually be a major one, especially when striving to craft the perfect summer look.

"A lot of people get scared when they hear 'bronzed' look, so 'sandy' is a good twist," makeup artist Jenna Menard told the Associated Press.

Menard stresses that the major difference between a sandy and a bronzed look (which, at times, can imply that it's unnatural) is that a sand-colored makeup palette accommodates all skin types and can vary in lightness depending on one's complexion. For example, light-skinned women may choose champagne-colored eyeshadow or a slightly deeper taupe depending on how far along they are in their summer tanning ramp-up.

In general, it's a good idea to change your summer beauty routine according to your own looks (and not necessarily those of the tanning bed queen down the street). As a rule of thumb, use a bronzer that's a shade or two darker than your skin tone on your cheekbones, temples, nose and forehead.


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