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Makeup products 101: How to even out your skin tone

by timetospa July 14, 2011
Makeup products 101: How to even out your skin tone

Most women aren't blessed with flawless skin, but luckily, that's where high-quality beauty products come into play. Even those who suffer from uneven skin tones can use a bit of strategically-placed makeup to help them step out looking fresh-faced every day.

Makeup artist Eve Pearl revealed to StyleList.com that even ladies with hyper-pigmentation can achieve flawless-looking skin with little effort. Pearl advises women to start with a moisturizer and use a dual-color foundation - applying the darker shade to the forehead, cheeks and chin and the lighter color to the area below the cheeks and around the mouth - followed by a light application of blush which will conceal discoloration on the apples of the cheeks.

A primer is also an excellent choice for women looking for a uniform finish. Primer has the unique ability to even out skin tone, smooth out texture and help keep makeup from fading or slipping throughout the day. You can use the same techniques on eyelids as well, which benefit from eyeshadow primer in the effort to help keep one's shadow looking extra fresh all day.


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