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Makeup products to enlist for enviable brows

by timetospa July 19, 2011
Makeup products to enlist for enviable brows

It's not exactly news that beauty products can enhance your arches in ways that a pair of tweezers can't. But there are methods beyond sharpening the old eyebrow pencil that can help to seriously revolutionize that gaze of yours.

"Use a powder to define the entire brow, but give extra attention to the center arch area of the brow," makeup artist Doug Howell told BellaSugar.com. "Since this is the highest area of the brow, it tricks people's eyes into thinking your eyes look bigger."

Howell recommends using a brow brush to apply powdered eye shadow that matches your hair color, but you may also want to apply a clear gel or mousse to keep the color from smudging throughout the day.

To get all of your brow-perfecting ducks in a row, try the Colorescience Brow Palette. This sleek, handy compact contains three universal colors to match light, medium and dark-haired women that you can use alone or blend for the ultimate customized finish.


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