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How body skincare saved your T-zone

by timetospa July 19, 2011
How body skincare saved your T-zone

Skin care products aren't conventionally meant to substitute as makeup products, but there are clever alternative uses for most anything, especially when it comes to controlling that height-of-the-summer shine.

"Believe it or not, I sometimes put deodorant on my finger and dab under my eyes and t-zone to help create a matte look," makeup guru Gucci Westman confided to BellaSugar.com.

Other clever ideas came from women who were similarly in a bind. Blotting papers, for example, are always great to have on-hand, but in the event that you're ever stuck somewhere without them, a small square ripped from a toilet seat cover will do the job.

Ladies who wish to be a bit more prepared to face the heat should try a primer and tinted moisturizer combination. Primer acts as a no-slip base for makeup that defies the humidity better than most foundations. Be sure to dust a bit of translucent powder on top to keep excess moisture at bay.


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