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Reduce your stress by relaxing with health and beauty products

by timetospa July 21, 2011
Reduce your stress by relaxing with health and beauty products

Everyone could use a little extra relaxation, but did you know that taking the time to do so could actually improve your health? By using aromatherapy, meditation and body skincare products that include essential oils, you can gain peace of mind and help keep sickness at bay in one fell swoop.

Relaxation isn’t just about taking time to smell the roses. According to the Mayo Clinic, relaxation is an essential process that decreases the stress toll on your body and mind, which in turn may reduce your risk of serious health conditions like chronic pain and heart disease.

So make sure you make time for relaxation in your daily routine. Wake up right by using stimulating aromatherapy skin care products such as Mandara Spa Wild Ginger, Carrot & Vetiver Soap. At the end of the day, soothe your tired skin with lotions or massage oils that include fragrant essential oils scented with lavender or bergamot. Try breaking up long projects with 10-minute meditation periods. For extra oompf, you can incorporate aromatherapy by burning Mandara Spa Vanilla Incense.

Whatever methods you choose, your body and mind will reap the benefits.


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