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Weight loss through body detox

by timetospa July 26, 2011
Weight loss through body detox

Body detox can be a great way to lose weight, especially if you have the willpower and knowledge to do it correctly. Your body's natural detox methods work wonders by themselves, but you can help by avoiding polluting your body with unhealthy foods and toxins.

Drinking water is one of the most beneficial things you can do during a body detox. Every single cell in your body depends on water to function correctly. Water brings nutrients to your cells and flushes out toxins from your organs. Keep your body hydrated by drinking three or four glasses a day in addition to other beverages and watery foods.

During a body detox, you need to get the right amount of exercise to improve your circulation and increase the amount of water that's getting to your cells. Exercise burns fat and eliminates toxins when you sweat. Aim to get around 30 to 45 minutes of exercise each day, whether it be walking, running, or just staying active.

Avoid eating foods with lots of carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and potatoes. Carbohydrates are easy to burn and use for energy, but if you consume too many, you could store them as fat. Let your body focus on burning through its own fat and stay slim in the process. 


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