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Soothe beach-worn feet with Elemis and Bliss products

by timetospa July 26, 2011
Soothe beach-worn feet with Elemis and Bliss products

If you're a regular beach babe, you know that lots of fun in the sun and sand can quickly lead to cracked, achy feet. If this scenario sounds familiar, you may want to keep your soles in shape this summer by pampering them with Elemis and Bliss products.

Ladies should embrace the powerful properties of the Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak. This foaming bubble bath applies deep heat and aromatherapy using extracts of birch, chamomile, clove, juniper, lavender and wild thyme for a richly relaxing experience. Mineral-rich sea salt adds further relief. Relax by soaking your feet in a warm tub, or enjoy full-body relief.

Bliss Power Up Your Pedi care set can also help you soothe your tootsies after tolling away in the sand. Bliss's Foot Patrol treatment will help you smooth rough edges and keep your feet looking great. Using the gel-lined Softening Socks included in the set will ensure that all the cream is absorbed. It won't be long before you'll feel comfortable enough to take off those sandals and dip your toes into the soothing ocean waves.


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