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Four foods with anti-aging properties

by timetospa July 26, 2011
Four foods with anti-aging properties

If you're like most women, you likely long to have healthy, vibrant skin that doesn't reveal your age. So why not embrace foods that help you look and feel younger, in addition to using essential skin care beauty products? Believe it or not, the following snacks will leave you glowing in no time:

1. Almonds. More than just a nutritious and filling snack food, almonds are also packed with vitamin E, which is great for conditioning the skin, hair and nails. In addition, vitamin E fights free radical toxins that can clog your skin and cause premature aging.

2. Apples. This sweet fruit is a good natural source of pectin, a soluble fiber that helps clean toxins from our bodies. Additionally, it's low in calories and fat and high in water content, making it the perfect healthy snack between meals.

3. Avocados. Avocados are great natural moisturizers. They're chock-full of anti-aging properties, such as vitamins C & E and omega three fatty acids, all of which will help your skin stay soft, supple and looking younger.

4. Cucumbers. This crunchy green vegetable is high in water content, which keeps skin hydrated. In addition, it contains a high amount of silica, a mineral which assists in keeping skin, hair and nails naturally healthy.

Adding these foods to your diet will help you practice body skincare naturally. You'll look and feel younger in no time at all!


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