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Body skincare tips to control sweat

by timetospa July 27, 2011
Body skincare tips to control sweat

Sweat is a total bummer when it comes to body skincare in the summer months. Sweltering days can ruin your hair, makeup and even clothes, so it's good to know there are ways to stop sweat from messing up your summer look.

The most obvious skin care product for stopping sweat is antiperspirant deodorant. You may want to upgrade yours if you find that your clothes are becoming stained, which may be a sign that you need a clinical-strength deodorant. Remember - it works best when you apply it twice a day - in the morning and at night. Doing so will ensure that it has time to take effect and protect you for the day ahead.

As for a sweaty face, facial wipes can be a quick fix, especially if you're out and about. I you don't want to ruin your makeup, blotting papers can work wonders and easily remove excess oil.

You can reduce the amount of sweat your body produces by altering your diet a bit to incorporate products that naturally lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. This includes foods like buttermilk and olive oil. Additionally, drinking sage tea can also help control your sweat glands - aim for a cup every day and you'll be able to put the kibosh on perspiration in no time.


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