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Beauty products that won't melt off in summer

by timetospa July 27, 2011
Beauty products that won't melt off in summer

Summer heat can make you sweat and easily ruin your makeup if you don't have the right beauty products to last you through the day. Because of this, it's important to choose smudge-proof cosmetics that will hold up even on the sultriest of days.

When looking for a good summer foundation, you may want to search for brands that are oil-free and contain silicone. These are less likely to fade throughout the day and will stay on better if you sweat. A primer can also be applied before your foundation to add grip and lasting power.

Before you put on eyeshadow, which can crease and smudge when it gets hot out, use a primer on your lids to make sure color stays fresh. Also, embrace a waterproof mascara to avoid smudging, especially on your bottom lashes.

Instead of a heavy lipstick, use a lip stain, which will likely last all day. You can make it shinier by applying a thin coat of gloss on top. If you really want to wear lipstick, make sure you apply a lip liner all around the edges of your pucker before completely filling them in. Your look is bound to stay on morning, noon and night!


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