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Natural cellulite treatments for the everyday woman

by timetospa July 27, 2011
Natural cellulite treatments for the everyday woman

Cellulite treatments and body skincare products can work wonders for your skin. Still, you can help them work even better by making use of a couple of natural methods.

Exercise is a great way to diminish the appearance of cellulite because it helps you reduce your body fat. The best way to lose cellulite is to combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training. Target the areas where you notice those dreaded dimples the most and take advantage of activities which are designed to improve strength and circulation.

You can also treat cellulite by rubbing warm coffee grounds on the affected area. The caffeine decreases the amount of water stored in your fat cells, which can help temporarily improve the look of cellulite. Massage it into the area with your hands or a loofah mitt. It can be messy, so you may want to plan accordingly.

Drink plenty of water every day and avoid too much salt, which can contribute to water retention. Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes can increase cellulite because they constrict your blood vessels, making your cellulite more noticeable. Another method to try is try cleaning your skin with a natural bristle brush, which improves circulation and drainage. Stick to a circular motion to get the most benefits.


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