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Make your own perfume blends using essential oils

by timetospa July 28, 2011
Make your own perfume blends using essential oils

Maybe you've heard about the benefits of aromatherapy and want to cash in on the rewards, or maybe you simply want to freshen up with a bit of some sweet scent. Whatever your interest in essential oils may be, you need to know how to use them properly in order to reap the maximum benefits.

First, it's important to understand essential oils aren't perfume. You can use them to add a little aroma to your skin and hair, but you'll need to do a little preparation beforehand if you don't want to turn heads with your powerful stench.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated natural fragrances. To use them as a body scent, you'll need to thin them out with a base. Apricot oil is a good choice because it's odorless and healthy for your skin.

For a simple essential oil perfume mix, try combining a small squirt of apricot oil with a drop or two of Bergamot Essential Oil by Mandara Spa. Rub it onto your skin and wait several minutes for the full scent to blossom. If it still isn't strong enough, you can add another drop in your next application.

Experiment with making your own signature essential oil fragrances. For a little something different, try using a revitalizing Ginger or a sensual Ylang Ylang, both of which are available from Mandara Spa.


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