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How to test beauty products safely before buying

by timetospa July 29, 2011
How to test beauty products safely before buying

Makeup counter tester products can be full of bacteria that could get you sick if you use it on your face. Next time you're out trying to find the right shade of beauty products, make sure you play it safe.

If you're getting your makeup done at a beauty counter, Allure magazine suggests asking the beautician to prepare the products she's using. That means getting rid of the top layer of lipsticks, lip liner, eyeliner and powders. Ask her to clean the brushes or use a new applicator when she's applying the products.

Don't sample anything that comes in a tester jar because anyone can stick their fingers in it and leave bacteria. Getting rid of the top layer won't help in this case because the bacteria can permeate throughout the entire jar.

If you have to try out a beauty product on your skin, use your hand, cheek or jawline, then wash it off with soap afterward. Don't test out products on your eyes or lips unless you know the tester is new or clean because bacteria can enter your system easily there. If you follow these tips, you'll be able to safely find the perfect shade!


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