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Four steps to luscious lips

by timetospa August 2, 2011
Four steps to luscious lips

We all want to achieve those beautiful, luscious lips that every guy is just begging to kiss. In order to reap the rewards, however, you've got to put in the work. Here are four sure-fire ways to improve your chances of getting his attention:

1. Scrub your lips. Use a lip scrub or a mild exfoliator to gently wipe away dead cells and dry skin. Limit your scrubbing to once per week to ensure you don't overdo it by removing healthy layers.

2. Use a high-quality lip balm, like Elemis Lip Revive, to seal in moisture and keep lips from cracking or peeling. A well-made product will both nourish your kisser and repair any damage caused by the sun, wind or too much scrubbing.

3. Add a little color. Every girl should feel the empowerment lipstick can bring, but if smearing your lips with a thick spread isn't really your thing, you can still add a touch of glamour. Lip stains, which allow you to achieve that worn-off look while reducing the likelihood of staining your teeth, are a popular alternative. You could also opt for a tinted lip balm.

4. Plump it up! If you'd like to add a little more volume to your pout, try a top-of-the-line lip pump balm, like Freeze 24-7 PlumpLips Lip Plumper, which adds essential lip-nutrients while encouraging circulation to help you achieve that perfectly sultry look every time.


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