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Detox your way to a new you with the Elemis Enhancement Program

by timetospa August 4, 2011
Detox your way to a new you with the Elemis Enhancement Program

We live in a world filled with free-radical toxins, environmental stressors and heaps of unhealthy food made readily available to us. It's inevitable that we occasionally fall prey to one or more of these, but what's manageable is minimizing the toll they take on our bodies.

Fight free-radicals and the effects of fast food by performing your own body detox routine. The Elemis Enhancement Program is a three month detoxification and revitalization plan featuring four great products that help you purge unhealthy toxins, lose weight, reduce cellulite and have more energy throughout the day.

Take the Elemis Cal-Metab Capsules to help balance your metabolism, shed excess pounds and reduce cellulite. It contains essential vitamins and minerals as well as blood-cleansing properties to help you fully detox.

The Elemis Deep Drainage Capsules work to improve your skin by eliminating toxins and brightening your complexion.

Elemis Silhouette Capsules help further purify your blood and encourages your body to burn fat.

Elemis Vitality Capsules give you the energy you need to make it through the day, while fighting fatigue and stimulating your circulation.

Try the Elemis Enhancement program today to improve your health, body skincare and overall wellness.


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